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6 Unusual Ways to Grow Your Business

6 Unusual Ways to Grow Your Business

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by July 11, 2017 Business

These days, many businesses look for interesting and sometimes unorthodox new ways of advertising and marketing their brand, products and services.

Sure they could spend their money on conventional forms of advertising and marketing such as in

  • Newspapers
  • And magazines
  • Online
  • Or even on billboard posters
  • But the truth is all of those forms of advertising and marketing cost money
  • And in many cases a lot of it
  • So what other ways are there of getting the word out there about your brand
  • Products

Services without breaking the bank?

Well there are actually quite a few clever and creative ways open to you! Here are 6 of them: Stage a publicity stunt Image via Flickr (The Ancient Brit) One way to get people talking about your business is to stage a publicity stunt.

Get your employees together to brainstorm some cool ideas, as long as they are legal and won’t get you into trouble! There are many cost-effective ways of doing this, such as riding people around town in a cycle rickshaw with advertising on it, like the one shown in the photograph above.

Team up with other businesses Image via Flickr (Ji-Ho Park) Apart from selling your products in your shop or online, one thing you could do is consider teaming up with other businesses for a mutually beneficial arrangement where you could both increase brand awareness and sell your items simultaneously.

For example

some coffee shops put vending machines in petrol stations, so people can refuel their cars and get a nice cappuccino to go at the same time.

Sponsor a local event Image via Flickr (USAG-Humphreys) If you sell a product that is related to some local event, then what better way of increasing brand awareness by sponsoring that event! In the photograph example above, a manufacturer of dog food is sponsoring a local dog show.

You could even use the opportunity to give away free samples or goodie bags to help spread the word about your brand! Run a competition Image via Flickr (langlauf)Competitions are a great way of increasing brand awareness!

  • If you are a newly established brand
  • Sometimes running a competition on your own website may not get many people entering
  • But you could consider asking the owner of a busy blog website to run the competition for you
  • And they can give one of your products away to a lucky entrant
  • Set up a free training workshop Image via Flickr (Nikos Roussos) People love free things

so why not run a free training workshop for your intended target audience! For example, if you manufacture a brand of pasta sauce, you could set up a free workshop that teaches people how to cook some exciting Italian meals using your sauce.

Not only do they use one of your products as an ingredient, but they will come away from the workshop with your brand in their mind, and will tell their friends and family all about their experience! Send ecards to your customers on special occasions Image via Flickr (puzzlement)Lastly, here is a really cheap but thoughtful way of engaging with your customers regularly; send them an ecard on special occasions! People love to get cards, and there are many services that provide Christmas ecards for business that will take care of all e-mailings for you!


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