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Are You Aware About Various Myths Associated with Sea Gems?

Are You Aware About Various Myths Associated with Sea Gems?

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by February 9, 2019 Fashion

Did you know that pearls have many myths associated with it? As per history, pearls are symbol of wisdom gained with experience. Also, the gems are supposed to offer protection, and also attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. Pearls are well-known for offering calming effects. They can bring balance in your karma.

There is a myth that pearls can keep all your children safe and also strengthen your relationship. People also believe that these little sea gems are symbol of wearer’s generosity, loyalty, purity and integrity.

There are innumerable folktales and myths surrounding with pearl jewelry made from precious sea gems. Here are few ancient myths about these sea gems:

  1. Ancient Japanese legend

Ancient times, Japanese believed that the tears flowing out of a mythical creature created pearls. Few of these creatures are nymphs, angels and mermaids.

2. Ancient Persian Legend

As per Persian myth, these gems were created by a storm and the imperfections of a pearl are due to thunder and lightning.

3. Ancient Egyptian Legend

In the olden days, Egyptians buried the dead body along with their pearls because of a myth about Cleopatra, who was ruler of Egypt.

4. Ancient Chinese Legend

Black pearls were symbol of wisdom. Chinese people believed that gems were created inside the dragon head.

5. Muslim belief

The Koran says, pearls are found in Paradise. Pearls are the greatest rewards of Allah. This precious sea gem is also a symbol of perfection.

6. Other Religious beliefs

Pearls are the symbol of purity for both Hindus as well as Christians. Therefore, brides always wear pearls on the wedding day and the tradition continues even today. Pearls became very sacred objects for Christians during middle age and in the early times; the belief of Christians was that pearls purified the water which covers the Holy Grail.

7. Pearl Love & Weddings

In ancient Greek, there was a myth that pearls were tears of God. Also, it was believed that if any woman wears pearls on the wedding day it can stop the bride from crying.


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