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Are You On The Way To Become A Cosmetic Surgeon Or Practitioner?

Are You On The Way To Become A Cosmetic Surgeon Or Practitioner?

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by October 11, 2018 Beauty Tips

With the passage of time, there have been a lot of new advancements made in the industry of cosmetic treatment. After realizing the scope and increased demand of such practices, more and more people are attracted towards becoming cosmetic practitioners.

According to a research carried out, it has been stated that in the UK the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the rise. With that being said, training centers hold great importance as they are responsible in providing the required training to future cosmetic practitioners. These centers specialize in various fields of cosmetic treatments, which include; Botox training, chin enhancement training, rhinoplasty training, facelift training, tummy tuck training, neck lift training etc. This article will lay out for you a guideline of things, which are required for you to become a cosmetic practitioner and surgeon.

Become A Cosmetic Surgeon Or Practitioner

The focus of cosmetic treatments:

The entire set of techniques, principles and procedures which are a crucial part of cosmetic treatments is basically focused on rejuvenating and restoring the appearance of the patient according to his/her desires. There should be certain level of appreciation for the beauty along with factors such as symmetry in the features. This is where cosmetic practitioners and surgeons step in and people achieve their motive. The areas which are included while talking about cosmetic surgery are the head, body and neck. These mentioned areas are treated as an elective process, not due to any dysfunction. Following are some scope of cosmetic treatments:

  • Facial treatment: neck lift, brow lift, eyelid lift and face lift
  • Body shaping: liposuction, tummy turn in, Gynecomastia
  • Face shaping: chin lift, cheek lift, rhinoplasty
  • Breast lift: reduction, lift, augmentation
  • Skin enhancement: filler treatments, Botox treatment and laser treatment

Cosmetic practitioner training:

People often make the mistake of mixing up the training of cosmetic practitioners with that of plastic surgery practitioners. You have to clear this confusion, as the two are different from each other in terms of scope, approach and principles. More training is always good and safe for you to apply to any hospital etc. You are required to sit for at least 300 surgeries, only then will you be able to sit for a certification exam.

  Those of you, who are on the road to become cosmetic practitioners, need to acquire as much training and experience as possible. There are various medical degree programmes which provide internships as well. These internships are there to give the students a taste of practical experience, which will benefit them in future. The internships which are offered are actually paid training programmes, and it is normal for these jobs to last up to three to four years and that too after refined board skill, expertise and medical school. After you have completed these previous mentioned training programmes successfully, only then will you be able to sit for certification and board licensing exams.

Fellowship cosmetic training programs

If you go for extra fellowship in the field of cosmetic practice, then this will help you get more practical knowledge and experience in breast, body, extremity, facial, dermatological as well general cosmetic surgery procedures. No matter how hard it is to cope with the training programmes, their timings and tight schedule, they play a major role in providing you with the needed experience to become a specialized cosmetic practitioner. It not only helps you to perform the surgery but give the required medicines as well, to go well with the procedure. The programmes which you are taking part in must be recognized by the cosmetic surgery board of your country. The following experience are gained

  • Patient care training:

Dealing with and realizing the psychological standing of the patient and the issues which may be related with the possible cosmetic treatment. You should be able to manage the expectations and successfully conduct the consultations with patients.

  • Comprehensive training:

Training is given to be able to realize all the principles of beauty enhancement and the procedures to be carried out. You should be able to efficiently handle the patients, during their initial consultations. Carrying out of the surgery, pre-operative work up, care after the treatment has been completed and being able to manage any complications which may take place after or due to the cosmetic surgery performed.

  • Extra training:

The additional training which is given basically focuses on certain elements such as; giving injections in the form of fillers, chemical peels, laser skincare as well as various non-surgical procedures.

You have to remember one thing that the above stated training programmes are offered once you have completed a residency program. The residency training holds great importance and is of high value when it comes to post-graduate training. If you want to achieve a certificate given by board, for the medical specialty, then residency program is a must. While one is practicing the cosmetic treatment fellowship, the practitioners are required to carry out at least 300 separate cases of cosmetic treatment as well as a minimum of the below stated:

  1. 50 cosmetic breast surgery
  2. 50 treatments which are targeted on the extremities and body of the patient
  3. 50 surgeries related to the facial treatments
  4. 50 procedures of the dermatological treatments
  5. While the rest of the 100 procedure may include various combination of the above stated procedures.

License and certificate:

The completion of the above stated training process is very important in terms of experience and eligibility to apply for becoming a certified cosmetic practitioner. Once you realize that you are ready and eligible to give the licensing exam, and then you are advised to pass the respective medical licensing exam available in you county, in USA the exam is known as USMLE. This will give you the right to practice cosmetic treatment the law and order. Those who are applying for the examination must be having a complete degree allotted by their medical school program as well as a full fledge record of all their trainings, internships and the primary residency program. All cosmetic practitioners must be certified in their respective field and specialization.


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