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Budget Your Kitchen and Patio Purchases

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by August 1, 2017 Real Estate

Even though a restaurant supplier mostly has customers in the food service industry, you can find purchases for your home that will fit into that budget as well. The products are more durable because they must be sturdy and long-lasting to fill commercial needs. Kitchen Shears the Focus Products Kitchen Shears are comfortable to use and reduce user fatigue. The 3-1/2-inch stainless steel blades are strong enough to cut through bones and do trimming. They add efficiency during kitchen preparation.

Hanging Refrigerator Thermometer

Great for keeping any professional or home freezer or refrigerator at its optimum temperature, this Franklin Machine Products thermometer is ideal. With a temperature range of -40 to 120F, the non-toxic glass-red spirit filled thermometer also has a high-density polyethylene hanger for a wire rack or a glass shelf.

Hi-Heat Spoon Scraper

The Rubbermaid 9-1/2 inch Hi-Heat Spoon Scraper works in hot pans up to 500 F degrees without melting. are molded together at the seams. The Scraper is designed for convenience, has a durable nylon handle and a non-scratching silicone blade, a built-in hook that prevents slipping, and a kickstand to help prevent cross contamination. Scrapers, spreaders and spatulas are great tools to have for getting items out of mixing bowls, when working with hot food products as mentioned, and getting the best spread of condiment or icing on sandwiches, cakes and more.

Soup Kettle

If you have a big family, a 10 1/2-quart soup kettle by Jaxon Foodservice Products is the ideal soup warmer for keeping delicious soups and stews at a servable and safe temperature. With a black powder coated steel body, this soup kettle has an old-fashioned appealing look and comes with a stainless-steel insert and flip lid for food safety and sanitation.

Outdoor Seating

See exceptional outdoor chairs and tables that are designed for heavy regular use by family and guests. They are comfortable and withstand the elements while looking attractive on your patio or dock. Outdoor Lighting Shop outdoor lighting of a selection of Tike Torches by Hollo wick in a number of different styles. They are the perfect ambiance and an effective way to set the proper tone for family sitting and dining on a deck or patio or for gatherings and parties for example, the Heritage Patio Torch will create a night-time oasis with a large and dramatic open flame created by two wicks. Simply pour the available Citronella fuel directly into the top of the torch. The aluminum alloy construction allows for weather resistance, there is a snuffer cap for easy flame extinguishing and a torch cover to protect the head.

Mission Restaurant Supply

Is an excellent example of a company that can supply you with the items above and other quality products at an affordable price.

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