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Ideas for a Small Dining Room

Ideas for a Small Dining Room

Be First!

 If you’ve got a small dining room, chances are you want to make it appear bigger and make more space. What with Christmas just around the corner, you’ll need as much space as you can get to fit your family and friends in there, right? Here are some useful ideas for when your dining room just doesn’t seem big enough: Use Lighting and Color Well Light and color can actually make a huge difference to a room, providing you use it properly.

Cream colors

And icy blues are a few combinations that will work to really open up a space, and make your dining room appear as if it’s just magically expanded. Even a circular tablecloth in a cream or icy blue shade can help! Choose soft blues, greens, and light neutral colors to open up your dining space, and make sure you let as much natural light in as possible.

Make Sure the Space is Tidy

And Organized small space that is unorganized with clutter everywhere instantly looks smaller. Arrange your things neatly out of sight, so that the dining room feels more open. Make sure you don’t add to the closed off effect by having lots of pictures in the room – just one large one should suffice to help add a bit of character but it won’t shrink the room. Make sure you only create one focal point that will draw the eye to it to avoid shrinking the room.

Strategically Place

Mirrors Mirrors placed cleverly around a room are a great way to make it look more open. Angle your mirrors towards your focal point, which will help to create the illusion of depth. You could even place a mirror next to a window for a great result! Paint The Ceiling the Same Color as The Walls Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls will help you to get rid of any shadow lines that can sometimes shrink a space. For example, if you have a dark wall and white ceiling your dining room will instantly look much smaller. Choosing a light color for the walls as mentioned before and then matching the ceiling to it will make your dining room look larger straight away.

Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

The way you arrange your furniture can greatly affect the amount of room you have in your dining room. The tips above will help to create the illusion of a larger room, but here’s what you can do to actually make more space: Use multifunctional furniture – anything with hidden storage space or something that can be doubled up for other uses. Have some of the furniture the same color as the walls.

Set your furniture at an angle

This will look as if you have more space because the longest line in a small room is a diagonal one. You could then use the space behind the furniture as storage! With these ideas, you can open up your dining room and create a space that you know everyone will enjoy spending time in!


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