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The Unveiled Truths About Lip Fillers

The Unveiled Truths About Lip Fillers

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by November 30, 2018 Beauty Tips

Instagram selfies and keeping up with Kardashians have much to do with the sudden popularity of lip fillers. The procedure which was once considered tacky is now the talk of the town. But don’t let this keep you away from the hard-core facts about this procedure. Even though the procedure has become increasingly common it is not 100% risk free. These risks vary from temporary bruising to permanent tissue death. This unveiling will help you realize that there is much more to lip fillers than what meets the eye. Before going for the treatment, it is important that you have all the authentic information to make up your mind.

Unveiled Truths About Lip Fillers

Some of the unknown facts about lip fillers are as follows:

·         Tissue damage

Injecting foreign substances into the body is always a risk because you never know if your body will accept it or reject it. In the case of latter, tissue damage can be caused. The extreme case could be Necrosis. If the filler injection gets injected into the blood vessel, it my cause death. It is rare but there are chances of it happening. Therefore, to avoid this even rarest possibility is to get services of experienced cosmetic professionals trained in Lip filler course to do the treatment.

·       Temporary side effects

Fortunately, most of the possible side effects of lip injections are mild and temporary. These common risks include bruising, swelling, and lumpiness, but those typically only last for a few days and are temporary in nature. You must contact your aesthetic practitioner right away if the swelling does not go down.

·       Temporary result: Six to Nine months

Lip injections are often confused to be a permanent procedure. However, in reality they last less than a year. Most lip fillers last about six to nine months due to the frequent lip movement and the natural substance Hyaluronic acid being broken down by the body easily. You can choose other fillers with longer longevity.

·       Gives you more than just a good pout

Common misconception includes lip fillers being lumped with vanity. These injections go far beyond pouty looks and duck faces. They can also correct the shape of the lips. Lip augmentation is not just for aesthetic purposes but to correct and improve the shape of the lips to make it more proportionate with your face.

·       Duck lips are never the meant to be result

A lesser known fact is that duck lips after the procedure are more of an accident than a choice but of course nobody admits as the damage is done. Duck lips are the result of an incorrect placement of the filler.Risks of this lip augmentation gone wrong include over-injection, bruising, uneven injection, and clumping of filler. Intravascular injection can also cause problems with blood flow to a certain area of lip in extreme cases.

·         Less invasive options do exist

 There are some alternate ideas to try firstif you’re interested in a fuller lip, but don’t want to deal with the doctor’s appointments and possible side effects. There are some less invasive options including addressing the placement of lip liner and lipstick, lip moisturizers such as a balm, topical hyaluronic acids and even some controversial lip pumpers that create a suctioning effect to temporarily swell lips and give them a filler feel.

Aslower, less invasive option is to apply topical cream or lotion to the lip area to naturally stimulate collagen production.

·         Possibility of an allergic reaction

The rare possibility of an allergic reaction to the lip filler injection needs to be considered before undergoing the process.

More serious side effects can occur such as prolonged bruising or swelling, lumps and bumps along the injection site, infection, asymmetry to the lips, allergic reaction to the product causing increased swelling or itching, and even ulceration and scarring to the lip.

·       Permanent fillers can cause permanent problems

Fortunately, most of the possible side effects and results of lip injections can be reversed. The most common cause of a lip job gone bad is over-filling of lip injections. This gives a very fakelook which fortunately if you have used hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane, can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, so this isn’t a permanent problem.

But in case you get permanent fillers like silicone, they can ruin lips permanently. Even if the right amount of silicone were to be injected, the body may respond with inflammation, permanently distorting the lips. There is also the risk of catching an infection.

·         Always go to a trained and experienced aesthetic practitioner

Even though the risk for side effects is low, it is still better to be safe than sorry. That is why it is crucial to go to an experienced plastic surgeon. When it comes to your face, you don’t want to take any chances by consulting someone who is not trained in lip filler courses.

It is important that you consult an experienced injector who has been cleared by the board to avoid a bad lip job. If you suffer an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid filler, a board-certified aesthetic practitioner will be able to reverse the results.

·         Avoid illegal products

Another reason to visit a board-certified aesthetic practitioner is because they will use the highest quality ingredients available in the market to give you the best result. The filler you use matters, so talk with your doctor about the best fit for you and your lips.Only FDA approved products containing hyaluronic acid should be injected into the lips.Any other product has a high risk of developing irreversible nodules.

You may think why would any practitioner purposefully injectyour lips with filler that is not approved by the FDA, even when they know about the horrifying risks but it happens. Also, be wary ofblack-market products being used illegally by lowly clinics to save money.Hence it is very important that you only go for high street clinics where the practitioners are certified in lip filler courses as one should never bargain on their face.

Lastly, lip fillers aren’t for everyone. Don’t get them done if you think they’ll help boost your confidence or if you are under any sort of peer pressure. Do your own research and take a responsible decision.


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