Fairphone 5 Leaked Renders Reveal Revamped Display and New Colour Options

Fairphone 5

Get an exclusive first look at the upcoming Fairphone 5 with our leaked renders. The highly anticipated smartphone boasts a redesigned display featuring a selfie camera cutout, replacing the previous waterdrop notch design. Additionally, Fairphone expands its colour offerings, giving consumers the choice of blue or a captivating transparent variant.

Fairphone's Commitment to Sustainability:

Staying true to its commitment to sustainability, the Fairphone 5 follows its predecessors by focusing on long-term usability. The device promises a five-year warranty and aims to provide Android upgrades for an impressive five years. However, to keep up with evolving technology, hardware upgrades are essential, leading to the creation of the Fairphone 5.

Revamped Display and Camera Module:

The Fairphone 5 introduces a modernized display design, doing away with the waterdrop notch in favour of a sleek selfie camera cutout. This update gives the phone a refreshed appearance, delighting fans and keeping the device in line with current trends. On the rear, the camera module sees subtle modifications, including a flash module trimmed down to a circular shape for enhanced aesthetic uniformity. The module retains its primary and ultrawide lenses, accompanied by a time-of-flight sensor, providing users with versatile photography capabilities.

Repositioned Card Slots:

The Fairphone 5 repositions the SIM card and microSD card trays, moving them to the top of the device underneath the battery. This change ensures easier access while maintaining the phone's overall functionality and user-friendliness.

Vibrant Color Options:

Fairphone expands its colour palette for the Fairphone 5, offering three captivating choices. Alongside the classic black variant, users can now select from a stylish light blue option and an exciting new transparent model. These fresh colourways replace the previous green and Speckled Green choices, giving consumers more diverse and appealing selections.

Sustainability Features and Repairability:

Remaining true to its core values, the Fairphone 5 retains important sustainability features. The device includes an easily replaceable battery, allowing users to extend the phone's lifespan without the need for professional assistance. Moreover, the absence of adhesive throughout the phone enables individuals to order replacement parts and conduct repairs themselves, reducing electronic waste and promoting a more eco-friendly approach.

Speculations on Specifications:

While the leaked renders provide a glimpse into the Fairphone 5's design, details regarding specifications remain undisclosed. Information about potential upgrades to the processor, RAM, internal storage, battery capacity, and other crucial aspects is yet to be revealed. However, it is reasonable to expect that the Fairphone 5 will feature equal or improved specifications compared to its predecessor, the Fairphone 4, which boasted impressive attributes such as 6/8GB of RAM, 128/256GB of storage, a 3,905mAh battery, NFC support, and a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display.

Anticipated Launch:

With the leaked renders now in the public domain, the official launch of the Fairphone 5 is expected in the coming weeks or months. Stay tuned for further updates and information as we unveil more details about this highly anticipated smartphone.

The Fairphone 5 is set to captivate users with its revamped display, fresh colour options, and continued commitment to sustainability. As Fairphone pushes the boundaries of eco-friendly technology, fans eagerly await the official launch, eagerly anticipating the device's specifications and enhanced features. Keep an eye out for updates on this groundbreaking smartphone that combines innovative design with ethical and sustainable practices.


Q1: What are the key design changes in the Fairphone 5 compared to the Fairphone 4?
A1: The Fairphone 5 features a revamped display design with a selfie camera cutout instead of a waterdrop notch. The rear camera module has a slightly reconfigured design with a circular flash module. The SIM and microSD card trays have also been shifted in position. Additionally, there are new color options available, including blue and a transparent version.

Q2: Will the Fairphone 5 have an easily replaceable battery?
A2: Yes, like previous Fairphone models, the Fairphone 5 will feature an easily replaceable battery.

Q3: Are replacement parts available for the Fairphone 5?
A3: Yes, the Fairphone 5 will have replacement parts available, allowing users to fix the phone themselves if needed. There is no adhesive used in the phone.

Q4: When can we expect the official launch of the Fairphone 5?
A4: While the exact launch date is not mentioned in the article, it is suggested that the Fairphone 5 is likely to be launched in the next few weeks or months.

Q5: What are the available colour options for the Fairphone 5?
A5: The Fairphone 5 will be available in three colour options: black, light blue, and a transparent version. The previous green and Speckled Green options from the Fairphone 4 have been replaced.

Q6: Does the Fairphone 5 have an improved camera setup?
A6: While specific details about the camera specifications are not mentioned in the article, the Fairphone 5 retains a similar camera module to the Fairphone 4. The flash module has been trimmed down to a circle, providing a more uniform appearance.

Q7: Are there any details about the specifications of the Fairphone 5?
A7: The article does not provide specific information about the Fairphone 5's specifications such as the processor, RAM, internal storage, or battery capacity. However, it suggests that the specs are likely to be equal to or better than those of the Fairphone 4, which had 6/8GB of RAM, 128/256GB of storage, a 3,905mAh battery, NFC support, and a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display.